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The Circle of Veterans

FUND RAISER -  VETERAN'S Recreation Center 

We have a start...

Hotel gift.jpg
Hotel gift.jpg

The Circle of Veterans are pleased to say we have a start to our Veteran's Recreation Center!  The above equipment has been donated and it is in prime condition to help our Veterans in need.  We have plenty of room for the recreation center on our 10 acre farm, now we need to build the building.  


We, like many of you have been inspired by the War Veteran below (see video) with his personal quest to continue his life as normal as possible.  His struggles are felt by many who have endured such a quest.  His Paying-it-Forward inspiring others to not look at their disabilities as a handicap but rather a personal triumph when your personal path is achieved.  


Help us to make this happen for Veterans today just like this amazing man and continue to inspire others along the way.  Our building is going to take about $30,000 to build and accessorize with having additional housing space for homeless Veterans in need. 


Make your donation today for The Circle of Veterans - Veteran's Gym.  Any amount is appreciated!

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