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The Circle of Veterans and Families, Inc. (COV) is a 501c3 Charitable Organization located at Circle V Ranch, a beautiful 10 acre roaming ranch in Dade City/Lacoochee, Pasco County, Florida. The ranch is uniquely modified to create a transition space for education, relaxing, rejuvenating and most of all connecting  Our doors are open when needed, for an hour, a day or as a resident during the Veteran's transition.  We are here to support Veterans and do our part in ending Veteran Suicide and Homelessness.  

The Circle of Veterans makes a difference, helping those in need as they accomplish their tremendous goal of helping our military men, women and their family’s transition into civilian life, truly... Helping Veterans heal!

With the help of supporting individuals, friends, corporate communities and foundations who want to honor the sacrifice a soldier makes and understands the difficulties of adjusting and the need to create a safe-haven at The Circle of Veterans

The Circle of Veterans understands the important to connect and the struggles of the “silent” suffering of returning to “real” life transition, the alienation and isolation due to the trauma of war.  Helping to heal the hidden wounds of Veterans who fought bravely for our country and were hurt in ways that break apart families and take away our humanity.


Your donations will change lives as it creates a safe and clean place to heal the hearts and minds of our Veterans.  The Circle of Veterans offer Veterans and their families security, guidance and a helping hand as they step forward on the productive living path to loving the life they have.

The Circle of Veterans 

Founded by Veterans - Run by Veterans

 *** FOR Veterans***

 "NO Veteran Should Ever Feel They Are Alone"

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