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The COV works with a broad spectrum of clients with a broad spectrum of needs.  Because our clientele is so diverse, we believe that treatments should be individualized. 


All of our clients suffer some form of primary or secondary mental and or physical trauma.  Therefore, our experienced Mental Health Providers with more than 60 years of combined experienced and nearly 24 years dealing with PTS AND Military Sexual Trauma, determine which method and duration of treatment each client should obtain.


Treatment methods could range from: Rapid Resolution Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, EAGALA Equine (Horse)

Therapy, Eye Rest Yoga, Hypnosis or Meditation, and Individual or Group Therapies among others. 


All therapies are interchangeable within our programs, depending on the needs of the client.  COV therapies AVOID Exposure Therapy, which requires the Veteran and/or family member to re-live traumatic experiences.

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